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In 2022, Lusail Winter Wonderland emerged as a world-class theme park, situated in the heart of Qatar’s entertainment hub, Al Maha Island. This fascinating destination featured over 50 rides and attractions, tasty food and beverages, live entertainment, and an array of retail outlets, managed and organized by IMG International, which also manages Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park in London, UK. Lusail Winter Wonderland was a phenomenal success, and its second edition in winter 2023 promises even more magic and grandeur.


Pulse Middle East played a key role in making this outstanding event a reality. In the heart of the Winter Wonderland, Pulse’s expertise shone brightly. 

One of the primary challenges in bringing Lusail Winter Wonderland to life was the continuous inflow of last-minute changes and additional requirements that needed to be integrated seamlessly. From water projectors on an ice rink in the desert to roller coasters on a man-made island, Pulse Middle East navigated the complexities of diverse attractions. The pace was swift, and the timeline was tight, demanding a dedicated and skilled team to deliver an exceptional project.

Additionally, the park automatically runs daily with scheduled power ons, screen information, audio playbacks, lighting and sound controls, and shutdowns using PixiLab Blocks task management. A script is used to integrate the local prayer time to automatically switch off the music in the park and show prayer time information on screens during prayer times. Drivers are added to Blocks to control Resolume Arena, QSYS, Chamsys, Visual Productions, Novastar, and Modbus devices.

QSC’s QSYS was applied to route audio across six different cores, enabling priority audio for emergencies and special events, while Dante audio feeds from each ride’s cabin facilitated dynamic control of sound.

The immersive sound and lighting created by Pulse Middle East transformed Lusail Winter Wonderland into a unique and magical experience. Visitors were surrounded by a carnival atmosphere, with dazzling lights and lively upbeat music setting the mood throughout the park. The success of the project was evident in the park’s grandeur and the unforgettable moments it offered visitors. The dedication to delivering a seamless AV and lighting solution was truly commendable.

In the beginning, the project scope seemed simple, but Pulse Middle East’s team worked tirelessly to create a truly immersive experience. From multimedia outdoor LED screens to intricate lighting and audio, their dedication and expertise were remarkable.

– Greg Brown

Moreover, by collaborating with the event organizer IMG to design stages, lighting poles, and enhance the overall guest experience, IMG International has emerged as a key partner in this event, while Pulse Middle East’s unwavering commitment to the project’s planning, execution, and support over the six-month operation period proved invaluable. They expertly transformed challenges into opportunities, resulting in the delivery of an exceptional outcome.

As the winter of 2023 approaches, Lusail Winter Wonderland is preparing for its second edition, with the promise of introducing even greater enchantment and magnificence. It is committed to further expanding and enhancing the experience for its visitors.

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