Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Pulse Middle East was entrusted with the task of integrating cutting-edge audio-visual, lighting, and LED systems for the American Rag concept store.

Pulse Middle East’s scope of work included the integration of audio-visual, lighting, and LED systems within the American Rag store.

The objective was to create an engaging environment that would captivate customers and enhance their overall shopping experience. 

By seamlessly blending technology and aesthetics, the AV integration aimed to create a dynamic and immersive atmosphere.

Several notable equipment pieces were utilized to achieve the desired AV integration within the American Rag concept store:

In addition, the American Rag incorporated some remarkable features that sets it apart from traditional retail spaces.

A mesh transparent screen was installed beneath the open glass ceiling, providing customers with a breath-taking view of the Burj Khalifa during the day. This unique visual element added a touch of exclusivity to the store.

The store showcases the successful integration of AV technology, lighting, and LED systems in a retail setting, transforming the shopping experience into a memorable and dynamic journey. 

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