Kudadoo Resort

Pulse Middle East was assigned the full installation of a multi-zone sound system for the Kudadoo Resort in the Maldives. 

Kudadoo is an iconic two story architectural masterpiece set on a private island in the Maldives. It is best described as an ultimate luxury getaway. 

With only 3 days set for the installation, Andy Morris, Pulse Middles East’s head of audio, along with one of Pulse’s audio technician flew out to the Maldives and completed all tasks priorly set. 

When asked about Pulse’s involvement with Kudadoo, Andy Morris said: “This installation was very special, since the location in itself is extremely particular- and breath taking. Due to the nature and surrounding waterbody, many measures had to be taken in order for us to complete everything on time and have a lasting result.”

Pulse Middle East equipped the venue with a fully digital Dante networked audio system paired with a remotely accessible PC server, allowing them to conduct upgrades, maintenance and reprogramming all the way from the main offices in Dubai. The Dante Virtual Soundcard also serves for background music playback by Music Concierge, transmitting 6 different zones of bespoke music playlist into the system.

Another cool feature is the automation system allowing operations to be as intuitive as possible. For example, when a band starts to play the background music automatically fades out, and after the band finishes playing the music gradually fades back completely automatically.

Kudadoo Resort won the world’s best new luxury hotel 2018, and Pulse Middle East is proud to have been a part of this luxurious masterpiece.