Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Meshico Group is a collection of vibrant and authentic Mexican restaurants located in prestigious areas across Dubai. Each restaurant offers a unique and lively atmosphere, complete with a vibrant bar area featuring Live DJs, Moving Heads, and a top-of-the-range audio system powered by Martin Audio UK and Powersoft amplifiers.

Seeking to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience, Meshico Group partnered with Pulse Middle East to introduce interactive table mapping technology, enhancing guest engagement and immersion.

Meshico takes pride in delivering the soul of Mexico through their restaurants with locations in prime areas such as:

The client was inspired by the concept of table mapping shows and desired to incorporate it into their restaurants, aligning with the spirit and soul of Mexico. However, table mapping shows can be excessive due to content creation and equipment expenses.
Pulse Middle East was entrusted with the expansion of the concept, creating a captivating and interactive journey for guests.
Joe Chidiac (Pulse’s Managing Partner) and Greg Brown (Pulse’s Operations Director) collaborated to devise a unique and immersive table mapping experience while ensuring simplicity and guest interactivity. They aimed to design a solution that would enable control of lights, sound, and projection using a single mobile device. Pixilab Blocks emerged as the ultimate solution, offering elegant design flexibility and customization options.
Pulse implemented admin tablets to control table mapping and guide guests through various phases of the journey. Guests were provided with individual tablets, personalized to their seating positions, allowing them to interact with the menu and select dishes. Specially designed animated menu panels allowed guests to browse at their leisure, and selected dishes magically appeared projected onto their plates. This synchronized experience extended to all guests seated at the same table, enhancing the overall ambiance and sense of wonder.
Admin control panels, powered by Blocks, facilitated seamless integration of audio systems (Symetrix), lighting DMX systems, (Visual Productions), and house lighting systems (KNX devices).
Messages were transmitted using TCP and UDP drivers, linking and synchronizing all systems. The single press of a button initiated the show, seamlessly fading in video loops, house lighting, and DJ music, creating an immersive dining environment.
For a table seating up to 12 people measuring 4.5m long and 1.4m wide, a three-projector blend was employed to create a seamless image. Pixilab Blocks seamlessly integrated with Dataton’s Watchout, enabling multi-display output, and projecting stunning visuals across the expansive table. Additional elements were incorporated through Blocks spot, utilizing NDI video to enhance interaction and engagement.
Meshico Group was thrilled to offer this first-of-its-kind guest experience to their customers. Content customization allowed personalized photos to be projected upon the table, creating memorable moments for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and marriage proposals. Pre-booking options ensured tailored experiences for guests, further enhancing this unique and beautiful dining experience.

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