Dubai, UAE

Atlantis, The Palm, floating on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, represents luxury and architectural grandeur.

Pulse Middle East embarked on a lighting project to elevate the nighttime appeal of the Royal Towers, Arch, and Turrets, blending mythological inspiration with Arabian flair.

The thorough planning resulted in an enhanced aesthetic appeal, increased visual impact, and dynamic lighting sequences that captivate viewers.

The primary objective of the project was to elevate the aesthetic appeal and visual impact of the Royal Towers’ facade, focusing on both the towering structure and the Palm-facing side.

The challenge was met through a phased approach that combined strategic planning, collaboration, and the integration of innovative lighting technologies, specifically Studio Due lights and Pixilab software.


In the initial phase, Pulse Middle East concentrated on illuminating the towering structure of the Royal Towers. A foundational lighting system was established, significantly enhancing the nighttime visibility of the tower, and creating a captivating presence using a special 4º lens beam for shooting up to the top of the 90m heigh towers specially developed by Studio Due. With a mixture of other 8º, 25º and 40º lenses for covering the inside of the arch and dome areas with equal light displacement.

The collaboration with lighting experts, technicians, and software developers was key to overcoming challenges and delivering a successful project. Using Dial lux, onsite testing, visual productions architectural lighting control and using Pixilab Blocks for scripting, task management and scheduling.

Transitioning to the second phase, Pulse  integrated neon pixel-controlled LED technology within the arch and triangular elements. Seamless integration with Pixilab software allowed the creation of dynamic lighting sequences, further enhancing the Royal Towers’ aesthetic appeal and visual impact.

Utilizing Studio Due lights, Visual Productions Pixilab Blocks software, Resolume Arena and other advanced fixtures allowed us to achieve the desired aesthetic while ensuring efficiency and adaptability.

Additionally, 16x Prolight Astrabeams were strategically used to shine beams of light across the top of the palm, extending all the way to Dubai Marina, adding a sense of action and liveliness to the building. Chamsys MagicQ handled the lighting programming, supported by 10x Visual Productions Quadcores for storing and playback of lighting scenes.

Pixilab blocks played a crucial role in controlling and scheduling the lights, offering different programs for various occasions like Festive Season, Halloween, and National Day. Pixilab’s unique feature allowed automatic adjustment of lighting timing with the changing seasons, ensuring consistency and adaptability. A control panel facilitated easy selection of different lighting scenes for special events.

Pulse Middle East successfully transformed the facade at Atlantis, The Palm. The result is a radiant masterpiece that not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also showcases the architectural elegance of this iconic luxury resort. The Studio Due wash lights and ProLights Astra Beams shows innovation and creativity in the field of architectural lighting design, setting a new standard for nighttime visibility and visual impact in the heart of Dubai.

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